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Sep, 06, 2016

Fostering an Engaged Work Culture

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Increasing employee engagement has always been a high priority for human resources managers. Not only are engaged employees are more passionate about their work and committed to the organization’s success, but they are also much more productive. Unfortunately, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, which gathered employee engagement data from around the … read more

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Aug, 16, 2016

9 Key Traits of Great Managers

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If talented employees are the sails that propel an organizational ship forward, then good managers are the masts that keep these sails spread and oriented according to the wind. Both business owners and human resources managers know how important a good manager is for a business’ success, and how devastating bad managers often can be. … read more

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May, 17, 2016

Does Employee Satisfaction Improve Company Value?

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Most companies these days deploy a lot of resources to track and measure customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction rarely gets the same attention. However, the happiness of a company’s employees also plays a significant role in the profitability and wellbeing of a business. Despite it being somewhat well known that employee satisfaction improves talent recruitment, … read more

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