Feb, 19, 2016

Latest HR Trend: The Next Revolution in HR?

There is no doubt that the Human Resources industry has seen a lot of changes in recent decades. Today, another important innovation is promising to revolutionize the HR industry once again. Sageview Consulting stays up to date with the latest HR trends so our clients can create a positive work culture that attracts and retains top talent.

In its early days HR was viewed as a mere support tool, in charge of assigning payroll and performing a few other administrative tasks.

The advent of the Internet and the subsequent explosion in telecommunications created space and opportunity for HR to transition into something much bigger and more important for modern companies.

Now a new category of HR technology may take the industry to a whole new level.

Often referred to as the “talent platform,” these new mobile apps allow HR professionals to connect with individuals looking for short-term employment.

Businesses looking for a qualified professional for a specific job, be it building a website, doing specific research or simply painting a wall, can now find what they need using one of these talent platforms. This new market for on-demand labor has grown tremendously in recent years and now covers almost any industry imaginable worldwide.

This important innovation has empowered HR professionals in a whole new way, allowing them to recruit talent for short-term engagements with a speed and efficiency that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago.

Just like with the Internet and social media, the talent platform technology is poised to become the new major step in the evolution of the Human Resources industry, allowing it to provide more effective solutions to businesses of all sizes and increase their bottom lines.

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