Sep, 19, 2016

Hiring Technique: Hire for Talent and Not Just Experience

A lot of employers these days are overly focused on job candidates’ prior professional experience. Just look through some online job ads, and you’ll see that most of them require at least one or two years of job experience for even the most entry-level positions.

The main reason for this is that employers assume an experienced candidate will be easier to train and be more productive once he or she gets up to speed.

However, the expert HR consultants at Sageview Consulting believe this line of thinking has serious flaws. Just because a person has worked in a comparable position before doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she is good at it. Many people hold similar positions for years, but remain average at best in their performance, while others become very successful over a short period of time.

What sets those people apart is talent. It’s that combination of passion for what they do and the internal motivation to succeed that separates the best employees from all the rest.

By paying attention to such attitudinal indicators rather than just looking at the depth of a candidate’s professional experience, employers can better identify an ideal match for their human resources needs. And even though it might take a little more time to get a newbie up to speed, having naturally talented employees on your team is well worth the investment.

Our team evaluates the needs of your company, then creates a guideline for hiring techniques that best suit your business goals.

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