Sep, 06, 2016

Fostering an Engaged Work Culture

Increasing employee engagement has always been a high priority for human resources managers. Not only are engaged employees are more passionate about their work and committed to the organization’s success, but they are also much more productive.

Unfortunately, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, which gathered employee engagement data from around the world, only 13% of employees are engaged in their workplace. And even though the United States fares a bit better at a 30% engagement level, these numbers are far below what human resources managers strive to achieve.

However, there is hope; increasing employee engagement is possible. An engaged work culture can be successfully fostered over time with the help of a few very simple practices. To ensure that your employees are happy at work and feel connected to the organization, try to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Dedicate a few minutes each week to recognize employees who did great work or exceeded expectations.
  • Each quarter, talk to your direct reports about their professional development. Ask them about their career goals for the year ahead and what they would like to achieve in the next quarter.
  • Ask your employees about their biggest motivators in life, as well what motivates them in their professional careers.
  • Learn about their interests outside of work. This will allow you to establish an emotional connection and better understand your employees on a personal level.
  • Finally, try to keep things from becoming tedious. Change things up from time to time, and insert more fun in your workplace’s daily routine!

Follow these steps, and you should see an improvement in the amount of employee engagement in your organization. After all, if your employees are your most important asset, then making sure that they are happy and motivated should be your number one priority.

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