Apr, 04, 2016

The Key to Effective Employee Management

As experts in human resources management, Sageview Consulting’s team often counsels clients on how to manage their human talent more effectively. And while every situation usually requires a customized approach and careful consideration of a number of different factors, the basics of good employee management remain the same.

The most productive employees at any organization are the ones that know how to manage themselves. And the least productive – yes, you guessed it, are the ones who are constantly being micromanaged. This of course does not mean that managers should suddenly stop doing their jobs, not at all. Rather, the key to effective management is teaching your employees how to manage themselves effectively.

Rather than reporting to managers a dozen times a day on every problem or issue they face, effectively managed employees are empowered to take initiative and seek out solutions. Effectively managed employees are enabled to think critically and see the bigger picture.

To achieve these results, it’s important for managers to instill a mutual understanding between all team members of what their individual roles are, and how each of them is uniquely equipped to move the organization forward. Always be open to employee feedback and suggestions on how the company products or services can be further improved.

One of the most effective ways to empower and motivate your employees is to invite them to participate (at least to some extent) in the planning and the decision making process. Knowing that their opinion is valued and their input is appreciated, in itself, motivates people to think and work harder for the common objective.

And of course, don’t forget to reward your employees adequately whenever they continuously exceed expectations and bring additional value to the company. Good managers are not overseers, nor shepherds – good managers are leaders who can inspire and provide tools for employees to grow both personally and professionally.

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