Sep, 11, 2015

Expert HR Analysis: Chipotle’s Jump to the “Speed Hiring” Trend

In our latest blog post, Sageview Consulting weighed in on fast casual Chipotle’s press-friendly announcement that it is going to hire 4,000 workers in just one day.

“Speed hiring” has emerged as the latest craze in HR. Companies exercising this strategy pledge to take no longer than 12 minutes to interview and filter out potential employees.

But what if speed doesn’t always equate to increased productivity?

Chipotle’s hiring stunt has surely earned the company some headlines, but it is hardly a good strategy from an HR standpoint.

While establishing a strong workforce supply is important for growing businesses, it is also important to hire the right people for the job. By setting such a short window for such a large hiring effort, Chipotle undercuts the ability of its managers to properly screen each candidate.

Rolling burritos might not seem like a high-skilled job, but it doesn’t mean that just anybody can work at Chipotle. Plus, burrito wrapping is probably not the true extent of what the company is seeking from its employees. Whomever Chipotle brings on board will serve as faces of their company. They will interact with customers, respond to their needs and determine the flow, efficiency and upkeep of the restaurants’ operations.

If the hastily mass-hired workforce isn’t up to the task, or if employees are improperly trained by overloaded managers, then Chipotle and its brand will suffer.

Setting such a high hiring target for just one day will almost certainly lead to lowering of the standards in order to achieve the goal. These “bad hires” will probably eventually be let go, but not before the company pays the prices of training them and potentially suffering the impact of their poor performance on the job.

Hiring the right candidate for any job is an important process that requires a well-thought out strategy. That’s why smart companies hire top HR consulting firms such as Sageview. As for Chipotle, today’s abnormally large hiring appetite may turn into tomorrow’s indigestion.

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