Jul, 23, 2015

Beat Your Competition in Hiring Millennials

In the past, to land your desired employee all you had to do was name the right price. These days, it’s not always about the money. Millennials entering the job market are looking for more than the best salary offer. High on top of their list of priorities is the right corporate culture. The young new job seekers are looking for a place that fits their type of office environment.

With companies fighting to win over the contract of the best talent, what they need to be able to provide is a culture with clear values and traditions and an office full of employees that love to work there. Work is now about the experience and potential employees should be able to see what exactly the experience of working with your company would be.Desk with Mac

Do you have a daily employee routine or a mid-month friendly competition? What makes your company’s culture unique from your competitors? These are the questions you need to answer to secure your pick from the cream of the crop of millennials. To procure the future of your workforce, cultivate a culture that generates enthusiastic loyalty.

The values you choose to promote should align with the type of people you want at your company. To attract the millennials looking to work for a company they believe in, consider making small changes with big impact. For example, get rid of the Styrofoam and provide company-branded mugs and a recycling bin to show your commitment to an environment-friendly culture.

Company heads are referring to their companies more and more as a community. To truly make that transition, however, the office space should feel like a community to its members. Changes to enhance corporate culture will not only attract the applications of the best job seekers, but also reinvigorate your work force to create that desired community.

At the end of the day, money and salary are crucial to an employee’s happiness and their willingness to join or even stay at a company. The real deciding factor between companies offering comparable salaries is the day-to day experience. The key to landing the qualified employees your company needs is to offer a unique corporate culture.

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